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Edmonton Photo Lab

Where the Vision of an Interior Designer Begins

We create the work using the vision that you supply. Just like that. With the help of our expertise, you may create the “ideal” look for your clients or rent photo prints for staging.

Through our services, we provide interior designers solutions. We create images down to the last detail, color, and frame of requested prints in a matter of days.

End-to-End Software

Edmonton Photo Hub

Finding the ideal print or a specific design for staging is frequently one of the biggest challenges for designers. We removed this barrier for many designers and came up with a solution. Our customers can choose from 300 million photos thanks to our collaboration with Shutterstock.

We Embody Quality and Value

Because we are proud of the caliber of our work and products, it is our joy to collaborate with interior designers to provide gorgeous, stage-ready prints for their clients.


We assist designers in modifying and altering photos to meet a colour profile. Since we are skilled in image manipulation and colour editing, even if a colour is off, don’t worry—we can still make it work.

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We create gallery-standard prints that are sure to feel upscale using ink jet technology of the highest calibre. High-grade Canadian Ashwood is used to construct our frame. Our offerings include photo prints, aluminium, acrylic, light boxes, and canvas.

An Eager Turnaround

Since we are aware that there are critical deadlines, we offer excellent service and ensure that everything is finished and prepared to go in a matter of days.

Renting Alternatives

For staging reasons, we offer the canvas or any photo print. For the rentals, you must pay a daily, weekly, or monthly cost. To learn more about your query, get in touch with us.

Let's get to work.

It ain’t easy trying to get product, but that’s why our clients love us, we specialize in photo products. You are sure to be happy with our service.